“Sleep to perform” is the mantra behind our Swiss based high performance consultancy.

Scientifically-grounded and driven by a genuine passion for what we do, we create projects to positively change behavior and unlock peak performance among our clients in professional sports, the military and in companies.

We are specialized in sleep, recovery and performance. Our efforts focus on helping individuals who wish to peak, understand their own sleep patterns, how daily rutines and stress levels affect them and ultimately help them become better sleepers.

We don’t just inspire you, we work with you. Our learning frameworks move beyond a quick fix, they provide practical tools and strategies to create sustainable high performance in your organization.

Our mission:

Sleep and fatigue represent some of the most significant pieces of the human performance puzzle – But people are different, face different sleep challenges, have different private demands and respond very different to supporting strategies.

The mission and the aim of our consultancy is to unlock this challenge, increase sleep quality, help maximize recovery, boost daytime mental and emotional resilience and thereby peak performance among our clients.

It is not enough to know how much or how well our clients sleep, but to help them to understand the relationship between sleep and performance and provide tailored support and useful strategies (based on individual athletic needs and challenges) so they become a better sleepers.