Why athletes, coaches and managements should invest in Sleep like they invest in performance…..

Why invest in sleep?

Simply put: Sleep is a weapon!

  • Sleep is the foundation of recovery and critical to the management of athletic training regimens.
  • Sleep is often ignored and compromised by athletes as a result of their busy schedules, travel, games being played at a variety of times, the intrusion of technology (cell phones, computers and tablets) and other external demands (family etc.) in their life. Late night games, technology and external demands can inhibit normal sleep physiology and foster a heightened state of arousal, which acts as a barrier to the onset and maintenance of the sleep state.
  • Understanding the actual sleep behavior of athletes, how sleep parameters affect training/performance and the overall impact of specific interventions on sleep and performance is important to achieve continuous development of the athletes and positive results.
  • Continuous focus and daily insights into to an athletes sleep and recovery can help coaches capitalize on opportunities associated with well-being and mitigate risks associated with under-recovery or under-training.

Cronic sleep deprivation